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The Slums of Nairobi, Kenya

Initiative One (Soccer Camp Saturday Weekly Meals): 10 October 2015-5 March 2016
Approximately forty children from the slums will attend a weekly soccer camp at which they will receive a hot meal. This meal will consist of rice, vegetables, and meat, either in the form of a stew, or a pilau.

     UPDATE: Our Soccer Camp Initiative is now completed!  An average of 32 children were fed a nutritious     meal weekly for 16 weeks.  A hearty thanks to our volunteers on the ground, Britt and Micah Odemba,       and Peter Seth.

Initiative Two (Monthly Staples for a Family):  April, May and October 2016
​Three families with children under the age of 14 will receive monthly staples from NAC.  Five kilograms each of rice, corn flour, beans, and cooking oil, as well as 2 kilograms of sugar, will be provided in each delivery.

     UPDATE:  Britt and Micah have supplied the three families with monthly staples twice between April and June.  The third family, pictured below with Micah, received one last delivery of staples in October. This initiative is now completed.

First Recipients of NACinNairobi Initiative #2: Monthly Staples for Families

Nairobi, Kenya


Population 0-14 years:

Population below poverty line:
43.4% (2012 est.)


Our Trusted Individual Micah Odemba (at center) with some of the seven siblings, ages 2-12, who have just received monthly necessities such as rice, maize flour, cooking oil, beans, sugar, soap, tea and salt.  We hope to keep the smiles on their faces through NAC's continued support!

Supplies for the NACinNairobi Initiative #1: Soccer Camp

Our Trusted Individual Britt Odemba (pictured top left) purchased supplies from local slum vendors to build a small open-air kitchen at which nutritious meals could be cooked during a once-a-week Soccer Camp. This NACinNairobi Initiative began on 10 October 2015--40 children were fed! (See the On The Ground page to view photographs of the children served, and the Children's page to find names of children served by this project.)

Latest News on NAC in Nairobi, Kenya:  NAC's projects in Nairobi have come to a close at this time.  We express heartfelt gratitude to our trusted volunteers, Britt and Micah as well as all those who worked with them to make our initiatives happen!