Not Another Child

What will your creative fundraiser be?

At NAC, we hope that raising funds in an "out of the box" manner will encourage individuals to make connections with others in order to help children in need.  Below are the ideas that we and our donors have used to make a difference.


Thanksgiving 2018 and 2019 fundraisers via Facebook, conducted by Vice President Mariah Voutilainen were great successes, collecting $500 worth of donations each year.  The days leading up to and including Giving Tuesday are a marvelous opportunity to request support.

In 2018 and 2019, we continued with suitcases for New Delhi support.  Our Trusted Volunteer carted several suitcases of clothes and shoes for children in New Delhi.  Thanks to our Houston, Seattle and Virginia donors!  

Completed Fundraisers/CREATIVE DONATIONS

The ideas below are fundraising campaigns conducted in the past by individuals & groups; this doesn't mean YOU can't revive an idea that strikes your fancy!

Boxes filled with clothes, shoes and toys from donors in the USA transported to New Delhi and Dar es Salaam.

Fifty Pairs of "Shoes-That-Grow" were donated by a NAC Supporter in Seattle and transported to New Delhi and have been distributed to children on the streets."

"Tanzanian Craft Sale"

HOUSTON, TEXAS:  To continue being a difference maker in the lives of impoverished NAC Children, Houstonite Priscilla Anthony (who recently traveled to Tanzania and witnessed first-hand NAC’s efforts to support over 200 needy children on the ground) plans to invite family & friends to coffee mornings to share anecdotes, videos, and photographs related to her Tanzania travels.  At these events, she also will provide guests with an opportunity to purchase local Tanzanian crafts (necklace, bangles, earrings, and other souvenirs), which she took back with her to Texas.  All proceeds from these sales will be donated to NAC.

"Two Suitcases for Tanzania"

HOUSTON, TEXAS:  Prior to traveling to Tanzania, Houstonite Priscilla Anthony went out of her way to solicit donations for NAC Kids in DAR and Zanzibar.  In her words, she simply “connected with” and “asked for” clothes & toys to fill up two suitcases just for NAC.  She also wrote a Letter of Appeal on behalf of NAC to family & friends, who then promptly donated money to support food distributions to hungry children.  Most rewarding for Priscilla Anthony was being physically present in both Dar es Salaam and Zanzibar to personally distribute food & clothing to over 200 needy kids.

"Toiletries ​for NAC"

MCLEAN, VIRGINIA:  Creative Extraordinaire Master Adriano Moran yet again used his thinking cap to benefit NAC.  He collected toiletries for NAC to distribute to children on the streets of Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania. 

"Spring Cupcake Bake Sale, 11 April 2016"

VIENNA, VIRGINIA:  Master Adriano Moran (age 12) baked and sold cupcakes to raiser funds for NAC.  This is the second time he has done so.  His generous efforts yielded $200.00.  Mahalo, Adriano and Friend(s).

"Ten people, $10 each"
HÄMEENLINNA, FINLAND/SEATTLE, WASHINGTON:  NAC Vice-President Mariah Voutilainen encouraged 10 individuals to make a donation of $10 each for the holidays.  She pledged to match the first five donations from new donors; let's bring more people into the circle of giving!

"Going Dutch" at Doraku
HONOLULU, HAWAI'I:  NAC Secretary Wylma Robinson hosted a luncheon at the restaurant Doraku in the Kakaako neighborhood of Honolulu, which lies not far away from a growing population of homeless children & their families.  A non-compulsory donations of $10 per person was suggested, so Wylma could reach the goal of raising $100 for NAC for the holidays!

Sale of Creative Artwork
SEATTLE, WASHINGTON: Youngster S. Parviz sold her creative artwork to help raise funds for NAC children.

Directly for Laban Wa Giban - Milk & Cheese Initiative for children in Cairo, Egypt​
NAC put out a call to action, a CHALLENGE for supporters in March 2015.  Here were the steps: 
1.  Find FOUR (4) other friends (1+4 =5). 
2.  Ask them to take one dollar ($1) out of their pockets and put it on the table. 
3.  Put in one dollar ($1) yourself. 
4.  Tell your friends that these five dollars allows one child in Cairo to eat cheese and milk five (5) times! 
5.  Put the money in an envelope and send it to Not Another Child (NAC), P.O. Box 75592, Seattle, WA, 98175.
All of these ones (1’s) and fives (5’s) make a huge difference in the lives of these children, for whom milk and cheese are rarely available.  Five individuals can do so much; something so simple could help these children grow stronger bones and healthier bodies, something that most of us take for granted.  This takes five (5) minutes. (Even quicker if you do it through PayPal on our website,

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON: NAC Vice-President Mariah Voutilainen turned her annual holiday party into an opportunity for fundraising!  She invited friends & their children to share in the holiday cheer!  Keeping it simple but elegant, she prepared simple hors d'oeuvres, small bite desserts, and served sparkling juice & wine. She told her friends about NAC and handed out cards; a small donation box was placed on the dessert table. Fun was had by all in support of NAC!

Memorial Day Bake Sale, 26 May 2014​
VIENNA, VIRGINIA Moran Boys (ages 10 & 14) and their friends baked goodies during the three-day holiday weekend and then held a bake-sale in front of Giant  Food Store to raise funds for NAC and to promote the NAC PR poster. Their generous efforts yielded a $130.00. MAHALO, Moran Boys!!

Doughnuts for NAC
SEATTLE, WASHINGTON: Krispy Kreme Doughnuts Door-To-Door Delivery:  $10.00 for a dozen original glazed doughnuts delivered to your door between the hours of 7:00 a.m.-10:30 a.m. Please email to place orders.

Massage for a Cause (October-December 2013)
SEATTLE, WASHINGTON: Book a massage with Mariah Voutilainen, LMP, and 50% of your massage price will be donated directly to NAC. See her website, for scheduling.

High Tea for NAC (October 25th-December 14th 2013​)
Do your Holiday gift shopping and support our cause at the same time! NAC has partnered with a local Seattle business, the Queen Mary Tea Room. When you shop at Queen Mary's Tea Emporium or online at, 10% of your pre-tax purchase goes to Not Another Child.  This offer is good between 10/25-12/15-2013.

Family Reunion Charitable Giving (July 2013)
HOUSTON, TEXAS: Donation Box at Hourani Family Reunion yielded several hundred dollars just for NAC.

Abi's Gifts (2011-2012)
HONOLULU, HAWAII:  Abi (Mother of Child #7) handcrafted creative handy items for sale to support her infant daughter Ayla & other children receiving funds for food, clothing, & shelter from NAC. One hundred percent of all sales proceeds went to to this cause.

​​​​Ongoing fundraisers.

Here is an easy jumping-off point for those who want to make a donation creatively.  Choose one of the following ways to help NAC, and 100% of these proceeds go to assisting children in need!

USE Evite (  When sending your electronic invitations, give your guests the option to donate to NAC instead of bringing gifts.  This fits in with the next suggestion below...

MAKE a GIFT.  ​Some of NAC's most valued contributors have generously suggested donations to NAC children in lieu of birthday or holiday gifts.  Just think what an impact you can make by celebrating special moments in your life by making a gift to children in need around the world. Contact us if you have questions or need help making this happen. 

SHOP at AMAZON.  The AmazonSmile Foundation will donate a percentage of the purchase price of eligible products to NAC selected by YOU the CUSTOMER.  Check out this link for additional information:


BUY a BOOK.  Are you interested in Southeast Asia?  Three memoirs of a Twentieth Century journalist available on Amazon, CreateSpace, and elsewhere (100% of all sales go to Not Another Child)(2011-ongoing):

Rangoon Journalist by J. F. Samaranayake (6 April 2011) - $18.00
Ceylonese journalist J. F. Samaranayake recounts an accidental 18-year-long overstay in Rangoon that had him enmeshed in the backbiting Burmese newspaper circles of the day.
Assignment Viet Nam by J. F. Samaranayake (24 July 2011) - $18.00
Ceylonese journalist J. F. Samaranayake recounts his first-hand experiences and exchanges with the Viet Nam Press and other Vietnamese interlocutors.
Ceylon Rediscovered by J. F. Samaranayake (12 September 2011) - $18.00
Ceylonese journalist J. F. Samaranayake recounts his tongue-in-cheek exchanges with a composite of Sinhalese & Tamil characters. A 95-pound 15-year-old runaway, he bid the shores of Ceylon farewell in 1933 carrying only a textbook in hand to return three decades later weighing 165 pounds, temples graying, with wife & five children in tow.

GET YOUR MANUSCRIPT EDITED. Editorial assistance provided to university student(s) to raise funds for NAC. Please spread the word.  100% of funds received donated to supporting children. Students may contact