Not Another Child

Effective March 2015, support to children in Indonesia has ceased, given absence of a Trusted Individual On The Ground.

Child #70

M.Gusri Baniga (10 years old), South Sulawesi, Indonesia (Male) (September 2012--February 2015) $50.00 per month (Indonesian Rupiah)

BIRTHDAY: 3 August 2002 (Place of Birth: Babana)
EDUCATION: 5th Grade of Primary Education at Madrasah Ibtidaiyad DDI Sekkang School
HOBBIES: Drawing, Sketching, Painting

PARENTS: Father: M. Nasir Baniga - whereabouts unknown; Mother: Juddah Bint Damis - employment migrant worker



Ten-year-old Gusri lives with his grandparents in a remote area in Pinrang regency. His family work as gardener(s). His friends nicknamed him "Gusri."  He is the third child of parents who got divorced before he was born. He has never met his father who currently is in the Philippines. In 2007, his mother went to Saudi Arabia to be a laborer but is apparently back in Indonesia now. During her absence, Gusri was looked after by his Maternal Uncle. Gusri's hobbies include drawing; his favorite subject is the Qur'an Hadith; he achieved 1st place in Competition Prayer in the congregation; his dream ambition is to be an architect. In his own words: “I would like to continue my education where I can continue my hobby (Drawing). Although my parents were not with me, I would like to continue my education where I can continue my hobby."



September: NAC support is really helpful for Gusri's life and self-development. Now, he has painting tools to improve his skill in painting. He also bought new school uniform. His grandfather has aid to cover his daily needs. And also he has saving in preparation to pursue his higher education in the future.


January-February: Receiving regular routine reports on Gusri who reports that NAC support, in addition to providing for basic needs, also is enabling him to work on his studies and his artistic talents.  He graduated from Grade 6 in February 2013, is discriplined about his homework, and helps his grandparents with chores such as sweeping.  He studies English with his friends and they play puzzles and draw together. He will participate in a drawing competition in March.

September 15 - Receiving monthly updates on Gusri's overall welfare to include breakdown on monthly expenditures.


May-September - Gusri has made the transition from elementary school to middle school after doing well in his examinations.  He is now attending neighboring school away from his grandparents' home, which is a new experience and challenge for him, but one he thinks he can face successfully.

Support ceased February 2015.

Child #74

Siti (Female 8 years old), East Jakarta, Indonesia (November 2012--February 2015) $50.00 per month (Indonesian Rupiah)

BIRTHDAY: May 12, 2005.
EDUCATION: Second Grade of Elementary School in East Jakarta.

PARENTS: Father: Sarmo Toha (Deceased); Mother: Rukati (Washerwoman, Beggar)



Siti is smart and has big ambition to continue her studies in the school till she is finished.  She used to accompany her mother begging in the evenings but NAC support may help put a stop to her having to do this.  Most recent reports indicate, first, that Siti and her mother were victims of the floods that occurred in Jakarta in early 2013, but with NAC and other support received as a result of the floods, they are now living in a small room and also attempting to manage a street stall that sells small meals, beverages, and tissue.


September 15 - Receiving routine monthly updates on Siti to include a breakdown on her monthly expenditures.


May-September - Siti  spent quite a lot of time preparing for and celebrating the month of Ramadan with her family and friends. She thanks NAC for making it possible for her to have all of the special foods for Eid, the culmination of Ramadan.

Support ceased February 2015.

Child #76

Jusni  (Female 10 years), Sulawesi, Indonesia (June 2013-February 2015) $50.00 per month (Indonesiah Rupiah)

BIRTHDAY:  12 June 2003; Place of Birth:  Sidrap.
EDUCATION:  Grade 3 in Elementary School 2 Carawali, Sidrap
HOBBIES:  Writing and Dancing; Ambition is to become a teacher.

PARENTS: Father: Jumardin Talib; Mother: Sahira A.



Jusni's father Jumardin Talib has an elementary school education and is a laborer.  Her mother Sahira did not complete elementary school and currently is a housewife.  Jusni comes from a low income family and her parent(s) currently has found minimal employment in Malaysia to help provide basics for the family.  Jusni lives with her grandmother.  She hopes she can continue her studies until she attends university so she can make her parents proud.  Her greatest needs are food, clothing (school uniform), and school needs (school bag, school books, etc.).

September 15 -  Receiving routine monthly updates on Jusni's welfare to include a breakdown on her monthly expenditures.


May-September - Jusni has been learning traditional Indonesian dancing, but her focus on cultural appreciation does not end there.  Most recently she participated in a competition in which she recited surahs from the Koran, and submitted a drawing for the "Islamic drawing" contest.  She was pleased that she gained experience in recitation in front of an audience.

Support ceased February 2015.

Child #75

Siti Dayu (Female 7 years old), Pahawang Island, Indonesia, (November 2012 -February 2015 ) $50.00 US per month = 499600.00 Indonesian Rupiahs

BIRTHDAY:  August 16, 2005 on Pahawang Island
EDUCATION:  Second Grade of Elementary School in Pahawang, Lampung

PARENTS:  Father:  Darsim; Mother:  Sunarti



Pahawang Island is located in the district Punduh Pedada Pesawaran regency, about 60 km (37 miles) from the capital city of Bandar Lampung.  Father Darsim is 35 years old and works as a laborer and a fisherman and earns an average of Rp. 10,000 per day.  Mother Sunarti is 28 years old and is a housewife.  The family income fluctuates with available work, when Darsim may earn as little as $30 US per month. Often the family can only afford two meals a day, consisting of primarily tempeh.  The family lives in a 5x12 meter hut made of thatched palm leaves  bamboo walls, and a dirt floor.

In order to walk the three miles to Pahawang state elementary shool, Dayu leaves home at 6 am. Acccording to her Volunteer (trusted individual on the ground) Hendriyadi, Dayu is a brave child and displays a quiet confidence, even when teased for having a tattered uniform.


September 15 - Receiving routine monthly updates on Dayu to include a breakdown on her monthly expenditures.  Most recent breakdown included expenses to obtain/update issues related to her birth certificate documentation for schooling purposes.


May-September - Dayu has excelled in school, coming 2nd in her 3rd grade class after examination time.  After the school holiday, she fell sick, but kept up with her studies diligently, and hopes to continue progressing in 4th grade.

Support ceased February 2015.

INDONESIA (5 Children to date) NAC Primary Point of Contact:  Mariah Voutilainen


0-14 years:

Population below poverty line: 17.8% (2006 estimate)

NAC Works With Sahabat Pulau to help children in need in Indonesia. See Link:

Child #71

Muslimin (Male), Jakarta, Indonesia, (September 2012--May 2013) $50.00 per month (Indonesian Rupiah)

BIRTHDAY:  December 12, 1997 (Exact DOB received only in May 2013.)
EDUCATION:  SDI Tambora, Jakarta Pusat/ V Elementary School, 6th Grade

PARENTS:  Father:  Tarmidi; Mother:  Melan



Muslimin's father is a street sweeper; his mother collects boxes on the street for resale. Muslimin, who is now in class 5 elementary school  feels embarrassed to go to school several times. Because at his age just now he is in class 2 junior high school, because he did not have money to continue school and forced to drop out while ago. Currently Muslimin and his family lived in a “wagon” in Jakarta, they do not have a home because of circumstances of his parents who just barely [make it]. Muslimin's father worked as a janitor at night with his brother. While the day by day he gathers [trash?]. His mother used cardboard to earn extra income. Muslimin  often help their parents to help the people around him who told him to do the job. Sometimes if there is spare time he like to playing soccer with his friends. Muslimin want to continue his study to higher level so that he get a decent job and make his parents happy and proud of him.  In his own words: "I want to continue my study in higher level, so I can make my parent happy and proud. I want My Parents Happy.”



September:  Currently, Muslimin has school books and stationery for his study. He and his family also were looking for a rental room to stay. Therefore, he is able to do his homework and study well. He also has bought new school uniform.

December:  Muslimin is still doing school activities and continues studying at an elementary school.  His living quarters does not provide a kitchen to prepare food so most of the funds go toward rent for these quarters and purchase of street food from food stalls called "Warung Tegal".


January: Muslimin completed his first semester of 6th grade and was off for two weeks before he starts the last semester of 6th grade at the end of January. He spent his school holidays preparing for his final exams in April, and also helped his parents to work during the school holidays. Search continues for living quarters that will include a kitchen so he and his family can prepare their own food.

February: Muslimin, who previously lived in a cart on the road, now has a place to stay, utilizing NAC funds. The rental room is near his school and more conducive to letting him focus on his studies.

March: Muslimin is preparing for a national pre-test exam of some sort.  He has a lot of catching up to do because of the absence of learning opportunities until now.  Now Muslimin looks more confident because he has a place to stay and a uniform to wear to school, just like his cohorts.  The rental room has no kitchen so Muslimin and his family continue to have to purchase food at street food stalls.

May: Support to Muslimin has ceased upon NAC learning his exact date of birth is December 1997 making him currently 16 years, albeit he is still in elementary school.  NAC's current cut-off for children on the program is 14 years.  NAC has been glad to help Muslimin get off the ground and back into school and, in the future, should NAC increase its cut-off age for support to children, will reconsider supporting Muslimin.