Not Another Child

INITIATIVE program = An EFFICIENT way for nac to extend its reach.

NAC began Initiatives in 2015 in order to support many children, multiple times, over a longer duration.  

Listed below are completed and ongoing initiatives, along with the numbers of children capped in each program.  In spite of multiple years of the same initiatives, children are only counted once within the total.    


FEEDING BANGALORE'S CHILDREN, Bangalore, India (250 children). 
DELHIDRIVE&DISTRIBUTE, New Delhi, INDIA (150 children). 
Staples For 16 Families, New Delhi, India (44 individually-counted children).  ONGOING
Schooling for 25 children from above 16 families. 
School connected bank savings account for 15 of the above 25 children. 
Wizason Village Maize Distributions, MALAWI (100 children) ONGOING
Hot Meals - Area 17 of Blantyre, MALAWI (50 children).  ONGOING  
Roof Replacement - Area 17 of Blantyre, MALAWI.  ONGOING

Masks & Sanitizers - Area 17 and Wizason, MALAWI. ONGOING

​Seattle Initiatives Under Discussion


FEEDING BANGALORE'S CHILDREN, Bangalore, India (250 children). 

Staples For 19 Families, New Delhi, India (47 individually-counted children). 

Schooling for 27 children from above 18 families. 

School connected bank savings account for 17 of the above 27 children.  

Microloans to two of the 18 families for rickshaws to assist with income.  COMPLETED

Wizason Village Maize Distributions, MALAWI (100 children)
Hot Meals - Area 17 of Blantyre, MALAWI (50 children).    

Uniforms - Wizason and Area 17 (150 children). 

Water Pump - Wizason Village.  COMPLETED

Roof Replacement - Area 17 of Blantyre, MALAWI.  UNDER DISCUSSION


DELHIDRIVE&DISTRIBUTE, New Delhi, INDIA (150 children). 

Maize Distribution, Wizason Village, MALAWI (100 children). 

Hot Meals - Area 17 of Blantyre, MALAWI (50 children).    

Hot Meals - Diepsloot Settlement, near Johannesburg, SOUTH AFRICA (60 individually-counted children).  COMPLETED


DELHIDRIVE&DISTRIBUTE, New Delhi, INDIA (100 children). 

Maize Distributions, Wizason Village, MALAWI (100 children).  

Hot Meals for 27 children in Area 17 of Blantyre, MALAWI.

One-time distribution to 54 children in BHUTAN.  COMPLETED


Jangwani "Slums" Distributions, TANZANIA (41 Families/93 children). COMPLETED 

Maize Distributions, Wizason Village, MALAWI (100children).

Plastic Sheets for Leaking Roofs, MALAWI (20 children).  COMPLETED   

Maize Distributions, MALAWI (40 children). COMPLETED

Hot Meals for above children in MALAWI (27 Children). COMPLETED

Sandwiches & Fruit for Street Children, TANZANIA (12 children). COMPLETED

Five Families, KENYA (15 children). ​COMPLETED

Stationery, Apples, Juices, Soaps, Snacks, ZANZIBAR (100 children). COMPLETED 


Weekly Eggs for Village Children, MYANMAR (267 CHILDREN).  COMPLETED

NACinNairobi Soccer Initiative, KENYA (51 CHILDREN). COMPLETED

Htamin Kyaw (Fried Rice) for Street Children, MYANMAR (18 CHILDREN).  COMPLETED    

Homeless Children on the Streets of Honolulu, USA (12 CHILDREN). COMPLETED

Laban Wa Giban (Milk & Cheese), EGYPT (151 CHILDREN).  COMPLETED

Children reached by initiatives: 1,323 +