Not Another Child

NAC's Newest Initiative:  Helping children in Wizason Village.

The children of Wizason Village in the southernmost part of Malawi are starving, due to drought which has caused their parents' crops to fail.  As a result, these children are forced to eat water lily bulbs and mfula nuts, both of which are unfit for human consumption and cause the children digestive discomfort.  They hope against hope that their millet and sorghum crops won't fail next year. 

NAC wants to help now.  So we are providing 100 children approximately 25 kg of maize each, in order to make sure they have the nutrition necessary to be ready for school in September. See a video of the distribution in the village here.

Lilongwe, MALAWI


17, 694, 697 (2015 estimate)

Population 0-14 years:


Population below poverty line:

53% (2004 estimate)

​Happy Faces!  ​Children in Area 17 and Wizason Village receive their school uniforms.  Children in Area 17 receive their first two hot meals of the fall.  Children in both communities received toiletries such as toothpaste, toothbrushes, soap and tissues as well.  In the next few months, the children of Wizason will be given the food staple maize to fill their bellies.

NAC's Plastic Sheeting Initiative is complete! 

Families have now received plastic sheeting to place on their roofs.  Please visit our Facebook page to see how NAC has made a difference in the lives of children and their families.  Our Trusted Individuals made a short video to show how happy the families are!  

UPDATE:  A member of our Board of Directors visited the homes that received the plastic sheeting.  It is indeed a temporary solution; rats eventually build nests and tear away at the sheeting. One day, NAC hopes to help to find a more permanent solution to this problem.

Feeding the Children in Area 17, Final Report:  NAC's Trusted Individual in Lilongwe, Emmanuel Masamba, has given a final report expressing the gratitude and hope that NAC has given the children in Area 17.  For three months, the 27 children and their mothers received two hot meals at regular intervals.  Not only did they have rice and maize, they were served vegetables and goat meat, which is rarely eaten because it is expensive.  Imagine the positive impact that nourishment had on the children.  Thank you to Emmanuel and his team for making this initiative a possibility, as well as for helping NAC serve the children of Wizason Village!

The first distribution of food to Forty Children and their families has taken place!

NAC is proud that 40 more children are receiving assistance in the form of maize, which is a staple of Malawians.

The food was distributed in a very orderly and very ceremonial way. Thank you, donors, for making this possible!  

UPDATE:  As of 1 August, 2016, we have completed our four pledged maize distributions to the 40 children in this village.  Stay tuned for more information.

NAC's 1st sponsored Malawian Family

Our Trusted Individuals, Timothy and Josie Vickey, made a connection with a family in need.  Three girls, Isha (age 6), Naomi (age 5), Mercy (age 2), and their mother, Jinny Khombanyiwa, were in need of NAC's assistance.  Their father unexpectedly passed away in December 2015, so NAC will provide them with some of the staples they need to survive. NAC hopes to continue working with the Vickeys to help more Malawian children.

Feeding the Children in Area 17

In the last three months of 2016, NAC has been providing 27 children with hot meals twice a month.  These children live in a parcel of Lilongwe called Area 17, and the children of this area were a part an initiative earlier this year providing plastic sheeting for their families' roofs. As an end-of-year gift, children will receive a very special all-purpose soap, typically quite expensive and a luxury that will last them a few months!

New Initiatives underway in Malawi as of October 2017!:  ​Once more, we have teamed up with our trusted individual, Emmanuel Masamba, to help the children of Area 17 and Wizason Village.  Starting in October, we will serve hot meals twice a month to the children of Area 17, in Lilongwe.  Thirty children will get a nutritious meal consisting of goat meat, cabbage, rice and tomato.  This initiative will continue for six months (until March 2018).

​Our second initiative is more of a "one-shot."  NAC provided school uniforms to the 121 children in Area 17 and Wizason Village.  These children can now attend school because they have the appropriate clothing, which is much too expensive for their families to afford.  What a wonder that NAC can help children get an education, thanks to our generous donors!

Mid-to-End 2018: Thanks to our amazing Trusted Volunteer, Emmanuel, we continue to provide bi-monthly hot meals to 50 children in Area 17, as well as the maize distributions every other month to 100 children in Wizason Village.  

Beginning 2018:  Now that March is coming to an end, we are also wrapping up our 2017-2018 initiatives in Malawi.  NAC has provided three hot meals this month to 30 children in Area 17 of Blantyre, as well as one final distribution of maize to one hundred children in Wizason Village.  

End 2017:  ​​Our third initiative to provide maize to 100 children in Wizason Village started in on November 30, 2017.  Hungry children in the tiny village outside of Lilongwe have now received their 25-kg bags of maize, which will carry them over as winter is approaching.
Children in Area 17 received their third and fourth hot meals during the month of November.  Without the support of our donors, these children would not be eating meat and vegetables, as they are very expensive.

Now that January is almost over, the Children of Area 17 have been fed two meals, consisting of chicken, rice, and vegetables.  In February, the children in Wizason will receive their second distribution of maize.  We are so grateful to our trusted contact, Emmanuel Masamba!

Village in Malawi

These are types of houses in which NAC's Malawian children live.  During the rainy season, water drips into the houses and creates a muddy floor.  Our Trusted Individuals, Tim and Josie Vickey, and Emmanuel Masamba, travel all over the country to help villages such as these.

What's Happening on the Ground for NAC in Malawi?

​Please take a look at our Facebook page for new photos of happenings in Malawi!  NAC continues to provide bi-monthly Hot Meals to 50 children in Area 17 of Blantyre.  Our trusted volunteer Emmanuel will make the second distribution of maize for the year to Wizason Village in the month of May.  As the beginning of the school year approaches, NAC is in the planning stages of providing school uniforms as well as toiletries to children in these areas.  


Children in Area 17 received their hot meals for December.  See a video of them wishing us a Happy Holiday season on our Facebook page!

Wizason Village received their final maize distribution of the year.  More video on Facebook of their thanks.