Not Another Child

Child #104: (Nepalese Rupees) 

Krisha Majhi (2014-   ) Initially $35.00 per month; increased to $50.00 in June 2017.
​Date of birth:
March 6, 2010
Father name: Krishna Majhi
Mother name: Shanti Majhi
Father job: Ricksha puller (earning: Nrs 400/per day depends upon the client) 
Mother: house wife (looking after in laws and child)

Kathmandu, NEPAL

Update for Child #104: 

Krisha is thriving with NAC's support.  For USD 50 per month, she receives rice, lentils, chickpeas, pasta, eggs, milk, potato, walnuts or almonds, apples or bananas, mutton, and green vegetables.  Our trusted volunteer delivers these foods to her family so that she will not go hungry.  Her father now has a job as a store cleaner, and her mother continues to care for their family.  Thanks to all of the NAC supporters who help to feed this child!

Child #105: (Nepalese Rupees)

Yogesh Shrestha 2014-April 2017) $35.00 per month
Date of birth: January 16, 2007
Father name: Somnath Shrestha
Mother name: Rupa Shrestha
Father job: labour (earning: Nrs 300-500 /day depends on the work)
Mother: house cleaner (earning: Nrs. 100/day)

Children #23&#24 (Nepalese Rupees)

Riju C. (8 years), Kathmandu, NEPAL (November 2011 - December 2016) $50.00 per month 
BIRTHDAY: 4 September 2003

Aarju C. (2 years), Kathmandu, NEPAL (November 2011 - December 2016) $35.00 per month 
BIRTHDAY: 7 January 2009

PARENTS:  Father:  Rishi C; Mother:  Samjhana C.



Riju and Aarju are sisters. Father Rishi recently lost his job and Mother Samjhana does not have any work. Mother is not educated and not able to find a job. Father is looking for a job; he may find the job pretty soon but even if he still find the job it will be hard for him to support the family of four.


Riju and Aarju are "enjoying their steady source of food. They are able to received rice, lentils, dry beans, flour, milk, vegetables, eggs, fish product, breads, cereals, dry noodles, fruits one pack of dry fruits from the money you send. For breakfast they are eating bread, cereal, dry noodles, fruits (if there is not fresh fruit then the dry fruit is for the alternative) and one cup of milk and they are eating other stuffs in lunch and dinner. These food would not have been possible without your support. Thank you for helping them."

December:  The father got the job and received Rs 5000 (around 60 to 65 dollers) per month.  The grocery for this month was rice, lentils, milk, oil, oats, fruits, eggs and dry beans. The family was very happy that they are able to provide good meals to their children. The children also look healthy and happy these days.

2012:  Children routinely received rice, lentils, dry fruits, dry beans, milk, eggs, fresh fruits and vegetables.  

2013:  Receiving routine reports on overall welfare of sisters.  They are doing well.  Monthly items purchased include rice, bread, corn flour, lentil, variety of beans, fruit, oil, milk, eggs, chicken, vegetables  buck wheat flour, peanut butter, fish.  Also a t-shirt for each girl.

2014-2016 Monthly food continues to be provided.  Girls have thrived.  Routine reports provided.

Nepal Update (June 2017):  With the help of our Trusted Volunteer, NAC has been able to reach six children since 2011.  These children have transitioned out of the NAC program at this time.  NAC supporters, please keep your eyes on this page to see what NAC's next steps are in Nepal!

NEPAL (6 Children)


0-14 years:

Population below poverty line:
24.7% (2008 estimate) 

Children #60&#61 (Nepalese Rupees)

Rabina Dewan (9 Years) Kathmandu, NEPAL (June 2012- -June 2017) $50.00 per month 
BIRTHDAY: 2 January 2003
EDUCATION:  Rabina is in Grade 1.

Rubina Dewan (4 Years) Kathmandu, NEPAL (June 2012--June 2017) $35.00 per month
BIRTHDAY:  10 January 2008.  
EDUCATION:  Rubina is in preschool (UKG).

PARENTS:  Father:  Rabi; Mother:  Uma Dewan



Rabina and Rubina are sisters.  Mother Uma Dewan works as a maid.  She earns Rs 3000 per month.  Father Rabi drives a tax and his earnings depend on how many passengers ride the taxi he drives.  His average daily income ranges from Rs 3000 to 4000. The situation in Nepal is so bad for the taxi drivers because political turmoil causes numerous bandh (strikes) and he finds it difficult to sustain an income to provide food for his children.  On top of that, they have Nepalese Rupees 100,000 loan. They took the loan to renovate their roof that was destroyed by wind and also Rubina has some health problems.


2012-2017:  Receiving routine regular overall reports on welfare of two sisters.  They are doing well.  Monthly staples include rice, bread, corn flour, lentil, red kidney beans, mango, apple, oil, milk, eggs, chicken, green vegetables,  wheat flour, black lentil, black eye peas, bananas, pears, apples, eggs, buff meat, milk, vegetables, peanut butter, fish.  Each girl also received a t-shirt.