Not Another Child

NAC, with the help of a trusted volunteer on the ground, is serving children from the Diepsloot Settlement, a low-income community just outside of Johannesburg, South Africa. 

South Africa

November 7, 2018:  After a few delays, the Hot Meals program continues for 12 more children living in the Diepsloot Settlement.  An update from our trusted volunteer indicates that they have received nourishing meals.  

July 13, 2018:  The Hot Meals initiative for children from Diepsloot Settlement is on a roll.  Prior to their break, the children received twice-monthly meals, which included Phase one of our Hot Meals initiative for children living in the Diepsloot Settlement continues!  Our trusted volunteer, Margot, provides the children with amazing meals.  In June, they enjoyed chicken and veggies with a sundried tomato sauce and maize meal.  Their second meal consisted of Boerewors rolls (meat sausage) and coleslaw.  Both meals had fruit and juice to round out the nutritious food.  In August, the children will start up their meals again.

Diepsloot, South Africa



Population 0-14 years:


Population below the poverty line

16.6% (2016 est.)

May 29, 2018:  Phase one of our Hot Meals initiative for children living in the Diepsloot Settlement continues!  Currently, a group of twenty new children aged 12-14 are receiving meals care of our wonderful volunteer, Margot.  Their NAC lunches provide them with nutrition that they would otherwise not have regularly.  One more meal will be served in May, two each in June and July. 

NAC's newest initiative is providing twice-a-month meals for up to 40 children from the settlement of Diepsloot.  The first meal, provided at the beginning of March, consisted of rosemary chicken with vegetables and rice, clementines and plums, muffins, and fruit cordial.  The children are attending a life skills educational program, and NAC will be feeding these kids for their 8-week sessions. We are now in phase one (from March through July 2018); for US$40-50 weekly, these children will receive their meals.  Thanks to all who support NAC and help this to happen.