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Colombo, SRI LANKA

SRI LANKA  (4 Children)

​21,675,648 (2013 estimate)

0-14 years:
24.8 %

Population below poverty line:
8.9% (2010 estimate)

Child #1209 (April 2017--November 2017)

Arosh Joel Selvarajan (Male)

Birthday:  December 6, 2006

Education:  Form I (6th grade)

Father:  Selvarajan

Mother:  Jenny 

(Lives with Grandmother and Mother and Older Sister)

APRIL 7:  Provided Monthly staples; paid school fees through June; provided school uniform/socks.

Children #77, #78, #79, #80 

B. M. Maduhansi Navodya (Female)
BIRTHDAY:  October 2, 2012 (three years) 

B. M. Hasini Navodya  (Male)
BIRTHDAY:  November 21, 2007 (8 years)

B. M. Manaranjan Balasuriya (Female)
BIRTHDAY:  March 17, 2006 (9 years)

B. M. Sujith Kandaruwan (Male)
BIRTHDAY:  May 17, 2003 (12 years)

PARENTS: Father: Thilak, unemployed. Mother: Nandawathie, Unemployed. (Uncle: Siril) (Grandmother: )



Family with four children without any regular income.  Father often steals to feed children.  Initials B.M. in each child's name is Sinhala village mode of identifying family line.   Children often seen with minimal clothing and barefeet.   Only way to reach dwelling is to walk along a foot path through paddy fields (not motorable).  (Also involves climbing over a rock!)


Most recent NAC delivery.

Here is the oldest child, helping his father with the supplies provided by NAC, in March 2016.



January-December:  Receiving routine updates and photos and a reminder that vegetables purchased have to be fresh because family does not have access to electricity in their village.  


January-December:  Continue to receive routine updates and pictures of children and food purchased each month.   


September 15:  Provided start-up support of $200.00 so Volunteer can begin helping children for the next two months with a range of essentials to include food, clothing, shoes, and school items.

September 29: Three older children received new shoes (had hitherto been barefoot). They were delighted with their shoes and wanted to carry them back home on their own. List of food and miscellaneous items purchased in September include: 3 pairs of shoes and 4 pairs of socks (one given extra)
10 kgs rice; 1.5 kgs  mysoor dhal; 1 large toothpaste; 4 cakes of soap; tea  pkt  200 gms; 3 kgs  sugar;
4 pkts anchor full cream milk powder (400 gms); 15 cups of youghurt; dry chillies  500 gms; tvp(soya) pkt
bombay onions  1 kg; 500  gms ginger; salt  1.5 kg; garlic; saffron pkt; 1 kg cabbage; the balance 500 gms each of beans,  beetroot, carrot,  chillies,  tomatoes,  dry sprats  vambatu , small chillies.

October 19:  Third female child provided a purple dress, pink pants and blouse (three items of clothing).  One-year-od female also provided a dress.  Two boys received one cotton shirt each and one of them received a pair of pants.  All children received milk products and other food items for their daily intake (to include dry fish, sprats, curry powder, etc. similar to September purchases).

November 29 - Received update and photographs. Two brothers received trousers and T-Shirts; all four children received towels and soap. Additionally, Family provide 10 kgs rice, 4 packets full cream powdered anchor milk Big sardine tin,  packeted  kellawalla  dry  fish,   sprats,   tea leaves, 1.5 kgs mysoor dhal, tooth paste,  3 kgs sugar,  mixed soya meat packet, saffron powder packet,  some fruit drinks, 500 gms dry red long chillies,and the vegetables (tomatoes. potatoes, brinjals beans bombay onions, carrots, big cabbage beetroot and some others.
Note:  No electricity in their home, hence the vegetables have to be fresh  and not frozen.

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